Helpful Tailgating Tips to Celebrate Football Season the Right Way

Some people see the changing leaves and think of apple-picking and pumpkin patches, but fall means something a little different to some of us here at Don Larson Chevy Buick GMC. Fall means football season, and that means tailgating!

helpful tailgating tips

We’ve been to our fair share of stadium soirees, so let us share a few helpful tailgating tips to take your parking lot pre-game to the next level:

Arrive at least two hours before the game begins. If your team is known for their packed-to-the-gills tailgate gatherings, you may even want to shoot for three hours in advance. This will give you plenty of time to set up, cook, party, and clean up before kick-off.

Cook your beef and chicken on kabobs. This is easier and faster than normal, and you can skewer and marinate them the night before so they’re absolutely ready for the grill when you’ve set things up.

Use an old six-pack as a condiment carrier. This is a cheap and easy way to transport your tasty condiments. Make sure you don’t forget: mayo, ketchup, mustard (plain yellow or a spicy variant, as you will), and hot sauce.

“Walking Tacos” are easy and delicious. All you need are single-serve bags of Fritos, ground beef (or your preferred meat), sour cream, shredded cheese, green onions, and other toppings as you see fit. Set all this out in little dishes, and voila, delicious Walking Tacos! As an extra perk, kids love them, if this is a family-friendly event.

Finally, the very most helpful tip of all our helpful tailgating tips is to do it all in the perfect pick-up truck. If you’re ready to be the tailgate hero, visit Don Larson Chevy Buick GMC today to see our out-of-this-world selection of trucks.

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