Top Tips for Driving During Thanksgiving Break

Driving during Thanksgiving can be tough given the trials and tribulations of tough traffic and discontented kids. To help make things just a little bit easier, consider the following useful tips for your holiday voyage.

driving during Thanksgiving

Pack Light

This goes for any and all road trips, but make sure you have plenty of comfortable space in your vehicle by having everyone bring just what they absolutely need to take with them. Having a lighter load also helps lighten up fuel economy, which means fewer stops at the pump.

Plan Ahead

Get gas in advance, plan your route on the GPS, bring money for toll booths, and decide how many days you’re staying with family. This will make the process of traveling easier and reduce delays.

Don’t Travel on Wednesday or Sunday

Speaking of planning ahead, make sure to plan to leave on a day besides Wednesday and to come home before or after Sunday. These are the two busiest travel days around Thanksgiving, so avoiding the rush is key to avoiding stress.

Avoid Highways

If you want to avoid traffic congestion, try to plan routes around the highway for when traffic slows down. Many GPS devices have options for avoiding highways, while others will reroute you in anticipation of bad traffic along your route.

Drive Cautiously

If you’re coming from or heading to an area that gets hazardous weather in the fall and winter, make sure you brush up on your winter weather driving skills. If you don’t need to be in a rush to get where you are going, take it easy and enjoy the scenery.

Keep these tips in mind as you drive during Thanksgiving, so you can have a stress-free holiday road trip with your family.

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