New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car for a Better, Safer Driving Experience

The new year is all about resolving to make those changes that we’ve been talking about for ages, whether it’s dropping a bad habit or picking up a new, good one. This year, don’t forget to take care of your vehicle in addition to taking care of yourself. These New Year’s resolutions for your car are a great place to start on your road to a happier 2018.

 New Year’s Resolutions to try in 2018 - Don Larson Chevrolet - Baraboo, WI

Keep up with fluid changes

 It’s easy to fall behind on routine oil changes and neglect other important fluids such as coolant and wiper fluid. This year, make a plan for changing your oil in regular, owner’s manual-recommended intervals, and stick to it! Don’t forget to monitor and change other fluids at every oil change service.


Monitor tires

 Your tires are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. As such, they’re incredibly important when it comes to staying safe. Keep an eye on your tires all year long, making sure all four are properly inflated at all times and checking to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of tread. If you notice any issues, bring your ride into Don Larson GM to get your rubbers taken care of.


Keep it clean

 Let’s face it: driving a clean car is just more satisfying than tooling around in a dirty one. Keeping your car clean inside and out is also a great way to keep it looking and smelling great when you have passengers to bring along, and it protects its future resale value.


If we resolve to take better care of our cars, our cars will continue to take care of us on the road. From all of us at Don Larson GM, Happy New Year, and best of luck with all of your resolutions!


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