The Best Gifts for High School Grads

Do you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, neighbor, grandkid, lawn-mower, leaf-raker, babysitter—you get the gist—graduating from high school this summer? Not sure what little-something to pick up for them in celebration of their wonderful achievement? Have no fear! Here are a few sure-fire fun gifts for high school grads:

gifts for high school grads - Don Larson GM - Baraboo, WI

Portable Device Charger

Whether their next step is college, the armed forces, or the workforce, they’re going into it with a smartphone in hand. Help them stay charged on the go with a reliable portable charger.


Wherever they’re off to, they’ll need to bring some stuff along. A nice set of luggage is a wonderful gift for any kid with a jet-setting frame of mind. A quality duffel bag could even do the trick.

Board & Card Games

Your student just spent four years in the classroom; give them something that says it’s okay to unwind! A silly board or card game is one of the best, most unique gifts for high school grads. Because they’re typically quite inexpensive, you can even pick up a variety to keep them occupied in their dorm for longer.

Cold Hard Cash

Who doesn’t love opening up a card and being met with a nice wad of greenbacks? A little bit of cold hard cash goes a long way for a recent grad—they’ll certainly be grateful for your generosity!

If you want to be exceptionally generous, you can show your graduate how proud you are of them by giving the gift of a new or used vehicle. Stop by Don Larson GM to peruse our selection and we’ll point you in the direction of our safest—and coolest—options.

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