Tips for Transporting Food for the Holidays

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but if your carefully crafted apple pie smashes into the back of your passenger’s seat on the way to grandma’s we can understand shedding a few tears. That’s why these tips for transporting food are so useful this holiday season. With a little preparation, your pies, casseroles, and appetizers will arrive safely.

Tips for Transporting Food - Don Larson - Baraboo, WI


To protect your pie from damage during a car ride, you need to cover it completely. For most pies, you can use an extra pie tin to do this. Placing it on top like a lid and then wrap the entire thing in foil. For pies that need extra wiggle room, use double tape to stick the pie dish to a baking sheet, then cover with a secured mixing bowl.

Warm dishes

Scalloped potatoes aren’t quite the same when they’ve cooled down. Thankfully, it’s easy to keep casseroles and other warm dishes nice and hot using a cardboard box and towels. The box provides a safe container for the dish, in which you can pad the dish with towels. These will keep in the warmth and prevent the dish from sliding around.

Cold dishes

Placing a cold dish in an insulation pack with some ice packs is the best way to keep it the right temperature during the trip. If you don’t have an insulation pack, you can again use a cardboard box, but instead of towels pad the cold dish with old newspaper in addition to the ice pack.

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