How to Put on Tire Chains

Wisconsin drivers know how important it is to put on tire chains when the winter weather hits. While it’s not the easiest process to do on the go, just follow these steps for installing tire chains and you’ll be driving safer in no time.

how to put on tire chains - Don Larson - Baraboo, WI

Pull over safely

Usually when you’re putting on snow chains, it’s because road conditions have taken a turn for the worse while you’re driving. Pull over as far onto the shoulder as you can and turn your hazard lights on so other cars know to steer clear of you.

Unroll the chain

When you lay out the chain, make sure the hook ends are facing the ground. The yellow end of the chain should go around the back of the tire.

Fasten the chains

The yellow ends of the chain will come up over the top of the tire, and from there you can fasten the ends together. The rest of the chains will now be around the sides of the tires. Pull them to the middle of the tire, then hook them all together with a fastener on the furthest link you can to make it super tight.

Position the chains

Set the chains so they’re positioned over the tread loosely, then pull the red fastener and draw chain at the bottom of the tire toward you until it’s tight. You’ll loop two of the chain links around the hook of the red fastener.

Tighten the chains again

After you put chains on all four tires, drive a few feet and then stop again to retighten them, since they’ll have loosened up a bit. After this they should stay tight.

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