Fuel Saving Driving Tips

Fuel Saving Driving Tips - Don Larson Superstore - Baraboo, WI

When you drive efficiently, you can save on gas and money. These fuel saving tips can help you improve the fuel economy of your vehicle regardless of its EPA-estimated efficiency.

Don’t drive aggressively

When you accelerate rapidly or brake excessively, these driving habits can waste gas. According to fueleconomy.gov, aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by up to 30 percent on the highway and 40 percent in local traffic.

Avoid excessive idling

Don’t let your vehicle sit idling, since you are using gas to go nowhere. Avoid sitting idle to heat up or cool down your vehicle.  If you are parked, turn off the engine.

Follow the speed limit

If you are driving over 60 mph, your gas mileage starts to decrease rapidly. For example, a car that averages 28.5 mpg at 60 mph might get 27 mpg at 65 mph and 25.5 mpg at 70 mph. When you observe the speed limit on highways, your vehicle can reach optimal fuel economy. Cruise control can help you maintain a constant speed on the highway, which improves fuel economy and also prevents speeding.

Remove excessive weight

If you are constantly driving around with a full trunk, this extra weight can reduce your fuel mileage. Get rid of unnecessary items, and also avoid hauling cargo on your roof. If there are large items on the roof or your vehicle, that can increase the wind resistance as you travel and lower fuel economy.

Though you can improve your mileage with an efficient driving style, it does help to have a vehicle with a high EPA-estimated fuel economy to begin with. If that’s of interest to you, visit Don Larson Chevrolet Buick GMC in Baraboo, Wisconsin to explore our lineup of high-mileage vehicles!

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