3 Tips for Safely Hauling with Your New GM Truck

Tips For Safe Hauling | Don Larson Chevy | Baraboo, WI

You are riding tall behind the wheel of your new Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra, both literally and figuratively. Afterall, a GM truck is a bold machine, with impressive hauling capabilities, which at first can be intimidating for any driver. Here a few tips for safely hauling with your new GM truck.

Know your truck’s limits

Before you load up the truck bed, make sure you review the hauling capacity of your GM truck. And, remember to factor in weight, such as your passengers and anything else in the cabin, into your calculations.

Distribute weight properly

There is a method to the way you should load up your truck in terms of weight distribution. You want to make sure to place items correctly so you don’t hinder how your truck responds under the weight of what you’re hauling. Place the heaviest cargo forward in the bed. Check your proportions from left to right or right to left to make sure your load is balanced on each side, too.

Keep everything in its place

Once you have done the math for capacity and distribution, make sure your cargo is secured in the bed. Things can shift when you’re on the move, even heavy items, which can be better secured with anchor points or ratchet strips. If the cargo includes small items, use a tarp or cargo net to pin them down.

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